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Bitcoin mixer: cleaning Bitcoins is simple

Today, many people have started using other coins because BTC transactions are easy to track. This guide will explain how to make Bitcoin anonymous with the help of modern technologies – crypto mixers and tumblers.

How do crypto mixers appear?

The emergence of Bitcoin, a decentralized currency, was a revolutionary wave in the financial sector. However, with this innovation came a paradox: transactions with Bitcoins were not wholly confidential despite being decentralized. Each coin had its history, and each transaction left a trace. This dichotomy led to new services – crypto mixers and tumblers.

Bitcoin is grounded on blockchain technology. Although blockchain has become famous for its transparency and integrity, this feature has created a problem. After all, the path of each coin could be traced back to its very origin. On the one hand, transparency limited fraud, but on the other hand, it deprived users of financial privacy. To solve this problem, a Bitcoin mixer was invented. Cryptocurrency mixers are a functional, high-quality way to deeply confuse the traces of past transactions and prevent outsiders from monitoring coins in a crypto wallet.

Among the most popular services, there are:

  • YoMix
  • BitMix
  • Bitcoin Laundry.

The difference between crypto mixers and tumblers

According to reviews, the Bitcoin tumbler originated as a more subtle version of the mixer. Although the primary purpose of mixer and tumbler was to hide the history of transactions, their techniques often differed, leading to these two terms’ emergence in the cryptocurrency lexicon. While the mixer mixes, the tumbler changes shape. Tumblers often use a series of steps in which the coins are broken into pieces, sent to different addresses, and reassembled. This sequential shuffling ensures the overall transaction remains hidden even if one step is compromised. 

For the user, this procedure does not involve any difficulties: the most crucial moment is to study the best Bitcoin mixers and give preference to the one whose conditions seem most attractive.

Shepherd Moises

February 2024

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