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Bitcoin mixing service: are you ready to protect your Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin blockchain is transparent – with the help of blockchain explorers, everyone can see all the transactions that have ever taken place on the network. For those who want to maintain anonymity when using cryptocurrencies, bitcoin mixers were developed.

How does the platform operate?

Transparency distinguishes any blockchain, including the one used for Bitcoin. Any user can receive transaction data of interest to him. If a person has published data about his wallet at least once, anyone can monitor the wallet address, seeing where its owner receives money and to which address he sends it. If an address is binding to a crypto exchange or a store that requires account verification, then interested parties can get any information about you. The Bitcoin mixing service is specifically for those needing absolute anonymity on the Web. This technology breaks the connection that is formed between the old and new wallet addresses. There are mixed (clean) coins in the platform reserve. The output address receives anonymous, completely cleared money when a transaction is made through the Bitcoin mixing service.

How to use the Bitcoin mixer service?

The basic rules of a reliable Bitcoin mixer are as follows:

  • information in the transaction log is not stored on the platform;
  • the presence of a warranty certificate. The letter of guarantee is one proof of the obligations of the mixing platform to the user;
  • the presence of a time frame between sending and receiving coins (increases confidentiality);
  • commission fee (a small commission is not always a guarantee of success).

Mixing coins in complete anonymity eliminates the risks of classic mixers and makes it possible to get immaculate coins not identified by analytical software as having passed the mixer.

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